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Buying and selling real estate is one of the most complex of all business transactions. It involves a large number of professionals including realtors, building inspectors, engineers, surveyors, title agents, closing attorneys, lenders, contractors as well as the buyers and sellers. Each bears specific risks that Creech Insurance is very comfortable addressing as part of a tailored coverage plan.

Real Estate Agents, Home Inspectors and Property Managers

Whether a person is self-employed or an owner of a large real estate company, there are always risks involved with buyers, sellers, lenders and other players in every real estate transaction. There are many factors to consider when developing an insurance plan, as each practice will need a balance of professional and personal coverage.

Commercial Property Buyers, Sellers and Lenders

In addition to Property and Casualty coverage, principals involved in any sizable real estate transaction may need more sophisticated coverage. High Limit Umbrella policies, for example, are an important instrument in complex real estate ownership and partnership transactions. For those involved in historic properties subject to special tax benefits, additional protection may be needed. In the case of catastrophic damage to real property, additional coverage can close any gaps in reconstruction financing. Various environmental conditions involving air or water pollution are also a concern, along with issues of mold contamination and other tenant related complaints.

Our Real Estate insurance practice covers a wide range of needs, more than we could begin to summarize here. Feel free to contact us for more detailed information.

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