Hospitality Industry

In Hospitality, the Chief Thing is the Good Will.

- Greek Proverb

Everyone in the hotel and restaurant industry knows that it takes a lot of hard work and great service to be successful. We’re no stranger to hard work or great service ourselves. We’ve worked with enough hotel and resort operators, restaurateurs and club owners to learn first hand about the complexity of managing a business in the public eye, and the risks that are unique to the industry. Our deep understanding of public establishments enables us to design coverage packages expressly for their inherent risks.

Insurance Solutions: Hotel & Resort

The hospitality industry has many of the same insurance requirements as any business, but hotels and resort operators must also consider risks associated with guests, restaurants and catering services, bars, shops, spas, pools and fitness facilities, garages, hotel operated motor vehicles and large meeting and conference facilities.

Hotel and resort workers are constantly in contact with the public and must be protected from claims affecting guests. Since owners face the prospect of claims coming from a large amount of affected guests, umbrella coverage in the millions of dollars per incident and per individual is not an uncommon requirement. There is additional risk called Business Interruption that is due to the time sensitive nature of services related to hospitality. We will assist you in assessing your risk and securing these and other appropriate types of coverage for your hotel or resort.

Insurance Solutions: Food & Beverage

Restaurants and bars have many insurance needs in common with the hospitality industry, in addition to those that are unique to food and beverage service.

Some of the more common insurance considerations are when restaurant and bar owners require special liability coverage because they serve alcoholic beverages and are at risk for the actions of their patrons. Food service poses potential contamination and spoilage risks, as well as violations of special ordinances. It is even important to prepare for business closures, harassment, discrimination, and contractual liability in the event of tenant/landlord claims. Plus parking and vehicles require their own liability policies. As you can see, there is a need for tailored and personal attention when seeking coverage in these specialized service industries.

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