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Auto dealerships are required to have insurance coverage that is unique to their industry. Creech Insurance has built a considerable reputation specializing in the type of insurance program that includes standard business protection as well as coverage for customers, service facilities, vehicle leases and loans.

For 20 years Creech Insurance has proudly been the sponsored Property and Casualty agent for the Virginia Automobile Dealers Association. We also assist with the operations of VADA’s Group Self Insurance Association, a program providing Workers’ Compensation to Virginia automobile dealerships. Our relationship with the VADA is testament to our expertise in this industry and their satisfaction with our services.

"We’ve trusted Creech Insurance to be our sponsored P&C agent for decades. The fact that after all this time we still put the safety of our members in their hands—well it shows the kind of faith we have in their services. And when it comes to important business relationships, this one is about as important as it gets. ”

-Don Hall, President of the Virginia Automobile Dealers Association

We can provide competitive quotes for all coverages necessary for the automotive industry, including property and casualty, employee benefits, life insurance, and protection for the dealer’s personal assets as well.

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