Character and Courage Are the Products of Initiative and Independence

In 1904 a State Farm insurance broker named E.L. Creech Sr. was making a name for himself in his growing Virginia community. He was doing so well that State Farm divided his territory and stifled his success. Or so they thought.

E.L. Creech Sr. was not a man who believed in personal limitations. So instead of succumbing, he became an independent insurance agent and founded E.L. Creech & Co., Inc. which has become Creech Insurance. The same spirit of initiative and independence continues over 100 years later. During that time our company has passed from father to son, to grandson, and now includes the great-grandson.

This unbroken legacy has allowed us to do business with clients that span generations. Our staff is loyal like family, and some have worked decades perfecting their trade. We are known for building loyal and enduring relationships with our customers—something you will not find at the big insurance companies. In the end our work is not just about providing the highest quality of insurance, but providing you with peace of mind that you have a dedicated team of experts in your corner ready to protect your interests should things go wrong. And we hope they never do.

Scot and Greg Creech

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